Bride’s wedding

On-site marriage registration
More and more couples today prefer to marry outside of specially designated places, and on-site registration of marriage has become a really fashionable trend that occupies the minds of future…

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Wedding cake
The cake is associated with the climactic part of the holiday, so it must be to some extent a work of art. Obviously, its design should fully comply with the…

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If you are a witness at the wedding
Anything can happen in life. And if one day your boyfriend or girlfriend will tell you about his intention to marry, and about the intention, very serious-it can not be…

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Music at the wedding

The most significant and solemn moments in our lives are always associated with certain music. Music helps to convey bright and joyful emotions, especially if this holiday is a wedding. Of course, the toastmaster will help with congratulations, contests and drawings. But it is impossible to create an unforgettable atmosphere of the holiday of love between two hearts without proper musical arrangement.

Traditional orchestra or ensemble
If there is a sufficient amount for the organization of a wedding celebration, then before you invite a particular musical group you need to get acquainted with their repertoire. The availability of good professional push and music editor will is by no means plus. It is necessary to agree in advance the order of musical compositions, as well as the time of the musical group at the wedding. Continue reading

Wedding cake

The cake is associated with the climactic part of the holiday, so it must be to some extent a work of art. Obviously, its design should fully comply with the wedding atmosphere, theme and fully coincide with the wishes of the newlyweds. Modern equipment, a set of products and decorations allow confectioners to make not only beautiful, but also insanely delicious cakes.

Wedding cake-the unity of taste and style.

However, wedding cake is first of all a culinary masterpiece. The skill of the confectioner is evaluated on a three-point scale:

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Bride’s wedding hairstyle

Wedding hairstyle for long hair-it’s always a lot of work and a lot of responsibility, but also space for imagination when creating it. In particular, it is difficult for the master, if the hair is curly. But precisely because of these hair make the luxurious delights of the surrounding hair. Curly hair allows the master to create a different look of the bride-feminine, Flirty, romantic, mysterious. What are the styling options?

Hairstyles for long curly hair-always the main decoration of the bride. Curly hair is desirable not to lay in a tight smooth knot, and give the beam the shape of a flower. This hairstyle can be decorated with hairpins with flowers or beads to match the dress or hair color. It is worth considering that the massive decorations on lush hair absolutely do not look and besides, it is likely that they will get entangled in the strands, and it will be very difficult to extract them. Continue reading

Features of the bride price organization

The rite of redemption of the bride originated in ancient times. There are several versions about its origin. According to the romantic version, the groom had to pay a tribute to the bride’s family for taking his beloved daughter away from the family. A more mundane version suggests that the bride’s father was supposed to pay for the fact that a young worker, an AU pair, was taken away from the house.

Of course, today’s bride price has nothing to do with the material benefit of the bride’s family, now it’s just a ritual designed to entertain the guests gathered for the holiday.

Scenarios of redemption there are many, so pick up what you like, it is not difficult. Usually, bridesmaids take the vending scenario as a basis, adding something to it that can give the ceremony an individuality, make it closer to this particular couple. Continue reading

White doves: symbol of love and happiness

Romantic newlyweds of European countries were the first to release snow-white doves from their hands. These birds have long been a symbol of harmony, loyalty and eternal love, so lovers are often compared with doves. In addition, the white dove also meant a good thing — as we know, it was the dove, bringing a green twig in its beak, informed Noah that the flood was over, and God forgave the sins of people.

At what point in the wedding ceremony to release the pigeons? The answer is simple: in any! There are no specific rules. This can be a way out of the registry Office,and a wedding walk around the city, and arrival at the Banquet. Released in Russia pigeons usually both spouses together, while in Europe there is a variation when it makes each separately — on the threshold of the parental home, which symbolizes the farewell to life under the maternal and paternal care. Continue reading

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