Bride’s wedding

Image of the bride at the wedding
The bride at the wedding, who is she? Of course, it can be called the heroine of the wedding show, the culprit of all this celebration, but only if? For…

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Wedding customs. Part 2
In Chinese tradition, the wedding day is called the groom's day. This means that the groom and his family will bear all the wedding expenses. The wedding process begins with…

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Themed wedding
What is a "themed wedding"? From Greek word "Theme" means "the, that been paved in the groundwork." And if you decide to hold an original wedding, the attitude to what…

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Storage of wedding dress

Wedding dress is usually bought in advance, maybe even a few months before the wedding day, so the question of how to keep the wedding dress in pristine beauty, worries every bride. And after the wedding, hardly anyone gets the idea to throw such a beautiful thing, the dress must be properly packaged to and through the decades, you could get attire and again to feel the same heady feeling of love and happiness, as in the day of the wedding. And how nice it will be for grown children to admire the wedding dresses of their parents!

So, how to save a dress bought in advance before the wedding? The best option is to conclude a contract with the salon where the dress was purchased, so that they took it for storage. If the dress is brought from another city or sewn in the Studio, it is worth, nevertheless, to walk through the salons and ask whether they provide services for the storage of outfits. Continue reading

Medieval wedding dresses

Floral decoration of wedding dresses began to practice since ancient times. To date, it has become almost a tradition. It’s no secret that before the concept of “wedding dress” did not exist. It was not a separate kind of costume.

Then the dresses in which the wedding took place, were the most expensive and beautiful.

The first mention of the wedding dress falls on the 15th century. Novelty and originality – this is the main thing that came to us from antiquity. Wedding dress should be not only beautiful, but also worn for the first time. A wedding dress is another part of the dowry. The presence of the dowry, as you know, was a prerequisite, without which it was impossible to marry. Continue reading

Wedding ring

Wedding rings decided to wear all my life, so they should like you and fit. The choice of them now is huge, which makes this process difficult.

First you need to determine the material. Most young couples prefer gold rings. Their popularity is associated with centuries-old traditions, according to which young people in all ages exchanged gold rings. Therefore, this metal is considered to be a classic. Recently, white gold has enjoyed great success. Many modern couples choose such rings, as they look very beautiful and stylish. Some newlyweds as a material for wedding rings choose platinum. They associate this durable metal with eternal love. Almost all jewelry stores now can be seen combined rings. They can combine both different types of the same metal and different metals. For example, wedding rings made of white, yellow and rose gold are very popular. Continue reading

Children at the wedding

After receiving an invitation to the wedding, parents with young children should think about whether to take them to the festive event. Of course, if the child is a close relative of the bride or groom, his presence at the wedding is not discussed. But friends or colleagues of the newlyweds are usually invited without children. Consider the arguments for and against the presence of young children at the wedding.

Children their presence can decorate ceremony. Babies in lush, decorated with lace, dresses, scattering rose petals in front of the newlyweds or carrying a long train of a wedding dress, look touching. And how solemn and at the same time touching looks boy in a tuxedo, giving young wedding rings on a pillow! Continue reading

Wedding gifts

Wedding gifts are significantly different from those that are made to give on other holidays. After all, the gift is given to two-the bride and groom, so you need them to be valuable for both. And it is not so important what this value will be-material or practical, or maybe just a sign of friendship.

On a wedding it is accepted to give gifts which then will be useful in a household or decorating an interior. It can be and kitchen utensils, and appliances, and beautiful dishes, as well as pastel linen, bedspreads, tablecloths or sets.
It should be noted that such gifts are presented to the newlyweds only if they already have their own homes. In the event that they temporarily plan to live with their parents, utilitarianism is unlikely to fit, the only exception may be bed linen. In this situation, the newlyweds can give, for example, an original and beautiful photo album. Continue reading

Wedding bouquet for the bride
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Image of the bride at the wedding
The bride at the wedding, who is she? Of course, it can be called the heroine of the wedding show, the culprit of all this celebration, but only if? For…


Wedding cake
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Beautiful wedding dates. Part 1
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