Bride’s wedding

Life together after marriage
Love is the most beautiful feeling. It inspires and gives strength. And here comes the most important and exciting moment-a marriage proposal. For a successful life together, it is necessary…

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Features of the bride price organization
The rite of redemption of the bride originated in ancient times. There are several versions about its origin. According to the romantic version, the groom had to pay a tribute…

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How to order sewing wedding dresses: useful tips for brides
Wedding dress is an outfit that does not allow any mistakes and shortcomings, it can not be cute, cute or almost perfectly sit on the figure. Wedding dress should be…

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Beautiful wedding dates. Part 1

On the “beautiful” date (07.07.07, for example, or 20.09.2009) always have a boom application to the Registrar. Register a relationship on such a day is considered fashionable and prestigious, and some agree that it will bring good luck to the future marriage. Is this really the case?

As you know, it is necessary to apply at least 2 months before the wedding. Do you want to be among the lucky ones? Try not to be late, because a lot of people want to marry legally. Defending the expected time in the queue, you apply and start preparations for the upcoming celebration dress, photographer, restaurant, decorations, menu, etc. Trouble really a lot, and do everything we need too quickly, otherwise you risk to be content with what remains from more nimble rivals. Continue reading

Accessories to suit the groom

La Valliere – has the form of a wide white handkerchief. Most often it can be bought in the form of a clear, neat knot. Has beautifully draped short ends. Ascot — long scarf, which ties the lush site. A pearl or diamond pin is placed in its center. Usually worn with a butterfly.

Classic-bow and bow tie — the most striking choice. A bow — a small, flat and narrow; “a butterfly” – with expressive pleats, divergent from center, expands on the edges of the. Both types of tie are worn with a tuxedo and tailcoat.

Perhaps you will choose a chic wedding suit, beautiful expensive accessories and gorgeous shoes, but do not guess the choice of tie. In this case, all your efforts will be useless. You have to remember that the tie tells everything about its owner. Continue reading

Wedding bouquet for the bride

Very difficult and troublesome business-to pick up for the bride a wedding bouquet, which is an important attribute of the bride, not a simple trifle. With a bouquet of wedding flowers associated with many different traditions. For example, if a magical bouquet will catch the single girl, she indispensable it promises a speedy marriage.

It is necessary to know that the wedding bouquet should not consist of a few roses, which were purchased from the metro, and of properly selected beautiful flowers, elegantly in harmony with the bride’s outfit. Wedding bouquets of pastel roses are incredibly popular among brides. For example, cream, white and peach roses are ideal for a wedding dress of any style. Of course, roses are not the only flowers for a wedding. Chrysanthemums, tulips, irises, gerberas, orchids, lilies, carnations and peonies are perfect for a wedding celebration. Any flowers will be a worthy decoration of the bride’s wedding bouquet. Continue reading

Wedding veil: history and significance

The use of a veil covering the head of the bride at the wedding is a very ancient tradition. In ancient times in Russia on the bride during the wedding ceremony wore an ordinary village linen scarf, which hid from the immodest views of the face of a young girl. It was an old custom that after the date of the wedding was fixed, no outsider could see her face. And if suddenly the ban is violated, the young family in the future expect terrible misfortunes and numerous troubles.

According to ancient legends it is known that before the veil was considered a protection for the bride from evil spirits. Later, the white transparent fabric on the bride began to symbolize purity, obedience and obedience to the future husband. In Russia, during the wedding veil fabric was made to decorate the Hoop of metal or leather, also on the veil could wear a wreath of flowers. Continue reading

Wedding makeup for photo shoot

In successful wedding photos plays an important role not only the makeup, but also the ability to stay in the frame.

Straight posture is exactly what you need. Only this position will create the effect of confidence, and besides, you will look beautiful. Photos where the bride is baked with a stoop back, do not turn out very well. Of course, if the photographer is a professional, he will find the right angle, and you will look as attractive as possible.

Light and space play a special role. After all, light can both “brighten” the dignity of a person, and strengthen the shortcomings, and even makeup will be powerless. Continue reading

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