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Staging a wedding dance

Many couples in love in the last years before the wedding, an important and touching event in their lives, ask this question: is it necessary to take individual lessons from professionals in the preparation of wedding dance? Or can we do without these additional activities?
To come to such classes in a dance school or Studio or not is a personal matter of each future married couple. The reasons why couples still decide to take such lessons are different. Someone wants to arrange a chic, perfect wedding. Someone really liked the dance at the celebration of friends. And there are girls who believe that at least in this way it will be possible to force their future husband to dance – because we all know how most men for some reason avoid paired dances.

So, if you still decided to prepare for the first dance in married life, this article Mirsovetov tell you how to choose a style, find the right music, what else to consider to make it unforgettable.

Sometimes young people have a question: how many classes should they attend? It all depends on what you set a goal for yourself, how complex the composition and idea is, whether you quickly remember the movements shown by a professional… two lessons are enough for Someone, and six for others.

Which dance to choose?
Gone are the days when the first wedding dance of the bride and groom was necessarily a waltz. So now some couples still choose the lyrical waltz, while others want something more modern.

If the bride is a traditional dress with a crinoline or a magnificent old-fashioned outfit, the waltz will look great. So, you imagine your first dance is the waltz. Then just note that the crinoline should be taken to class to see if you can perform a waltz in it or you need to choose a different style. But you try high-quality and long whirl and you feel that you uncomfortable: dizzy or Quinceanera dresses bothers to do the basic moves.

Then you can try another version, it is called “figured waltz”. Partners undertake the fingertips and perform “balance”. From side to side are made slow rocking on waltz steps. Then swinging to each other are replaced by movements from each other. Then partners ceremoniously sliding steps change places with each other. New figures-the partner moves forward, and the partner meanwhile rotates under his raised hand. Next, the newly-made husband gallantly picks up his young wife by the waist, and the couple waltzes in the traditional way. Then all again repeats itself. Spinning in this case you will not all time dance, so head not will suffer. And a variety of figures do not dance monotonous and exciting. Try to choose the appropriate music.

The soul longs for romance? Then ask the choreographer to adapt to the hustle of your couple or some couples dancing to slow beautiful music. The dance will consist of a few simple movements. For example, alternate indentation foot back and forth, then one way, then the other, then diverge, then converge. The groom, or more precisely, the husband, is changing with the bride (i.e. my wife) sometimes, scrolls under his arm, and then grabs his beloved by the hand to the ring in a variety of ways. You can spin a little, take to the side, and then pull back to him. Rotation of the hips in such versions of the dance are absent, the wedding dress dictates a different plastic movements.

If the girl will dress knee-length, then at your disposal salsa, Mamba, Jive, Charleston.

Or maybe something original?
Do not forget that the purpose of the wedding dance – to tell about your feelings. Therefore, many newlyweds currently do not restrain their desires when choosing a style of dance for a wedding celebration. Not everyone chooses romance and lyrics. And if you want to perform in front of guests tango, twist, Jive, rock and roll – well, go for it! This is your holiday, your day!

And some couples perform a kind of medley, dancing a few dance pieces to music made from” pieces ” of completely different genres.

Another extraordinary approach. You begin the dance with a serious waltz, adhering to all manners and ceremonies, and then suddenly the music, prepared in advance, changes dramatically. And you immediately proposales in the incendiary dance, surprising all the guests.

Now wedding dances are very diverse. An experienced teacher certainly listens to the wishes of his students, making a dance, helps to realize the aspirations and dreams of future newlyweds into reality.

Musical accompaniment
First, decide what image you want to show in the dance. It can be gentle romance or violent passion, seriousness and solidity or unrestrained fun, mysterious mystery or light enthusiasm, old manners or modern frankness… Everything should fit harmoniously: wedding dress, musical composition and dance style. If the dress is already bought or sewn from the catalog, then it is necessary to proceed and start from it. What image does it suggest to you? Fatal beauty, passionate temptress or cute Princess from a fairy tale? And then look for music that will suit your intended image. Or maybe you have” your ” song that means a lot to your hearts? When you select a song, listen to the drums. When the question with the rhythm a little clearer, stand in the center of the room, turn on the music, lightly hugging, swaying to the beat. If you were able to catch the rhythm, get your feet exactly to the beat, then this song suits you. If the rhythm is difficult to understand, then look for another option or consult with your teacher.

Slow music is difficult for beginners, because the pauses between the score should be filled with emotional expression and body movements. Medium melodies are the most suitable option for a wedding dance. But fast melodies are difficult, because they require quick reaction and a clear possession of the legs and body, and even about the emotions must be remembered. In complex musical compositions constantly changing rhythm, there will have to Express their feelings and emotions as much as possible, and it is only by force of professionals.

Even if you can not decide on the music, many studios have collections with suitable compositions for such a celebration. There’s also music and podredaktirovat if necessary. Or you can do yourself with the help of special computer programs to make “cutting” of musical fragments – there would be a desire and time. Importantly, for the chosen music opened up soul to melody liked both the bride and groom.

Working out a wedding dance
To a specialist dance Studio or school contact in advance, not a week before the celebration.

Mirsovetov recommends to repeat the movement of the dance. This will help to hone the skills of execution of figures. And it is a great opportunity to be together with the future spouse (wife). Be sure to tune in both on a romantic adventure, having fun.

Do not be nervous, do not pull each other if something does not work. Be patient with each other. Dance should bring together, give positive emotions, not quarrel. You are not preparing for a prestigious competition, where there will be many judges, so the dance should not show the correctness of the most complex movements, but your sincere love, care for each other, mutual understanding, tenderness.

Girls need to work alone with their posture. Stoop very spoil the impression of any dance.

Do not be afraid of possible difficulties, learn how to overcome them.

Do not be embarrassed, if you make a mistake in the steps, this may no one notice. But your confused and tortured look will notice everything if you are too nervous, panic and fear.

Be confident, relaxed during classes and preparation at home.

Do not tune in like an exam, just enjoy the dance.

During the lessons do not hesitate, do not be embarrassed, ask questions to the teacher, adjust together the creation of dance and image, then you will succeed.

Joint attendance of classes before the wedding unites lovers even more, dance helps them to understand each other, to reveal their inner world, their feelings. Many then, years later, remember with tenderness and smile not only the wedding dance, but also the process of preparation for it. There are even cases when couples continue to study and comprehend the art of dance. Well, Mirsovetov wishes you an unforgettable holiday, vivid impressions and a happy family life.

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