How to choose a wedding gift
Did you find a wedding invitation in your mailbox? Congratulations! Now it's time to think about choosing a gift to the young. And you can think for a long time,…

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Wedding bouquet for the bride
Very difficult and troublesome business-to pick up for the bride a wedding bouquet, which is an important attribute of the bride, not a simple trifle. With a bouquet of wedding…

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Wedding cake
The cake is associated with the climactic part of the holiday, so it must be to some extent a work of art. Obviously, its design should fully comply with the…

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Children at the wedding

After receiving an invitation to the wedding, parents with young children should think about whether to take them to the festive event. Of course, if the child is a close relative of the bride or groom, his presence at the wedding is not discussed. But friends or colleagues of the newlyweds are usually invited without children. Consider the arguments for and against the presence of young children at the wedding.

Children their presence can decorate ceremony. Babies in lush, decorated with lace, dresses, scattering rose petals in front of the newlyweds or carrying a long train of a wedding dress, look touching. And how solemn and at the same time touching looks boy in a tuxedo, giving young wedding rings on a pillow! Continue reading

Image of the bride at the wedding

The bride at the wedding, who is she? Of course, it can be called the heroine of the wedding show, the culprit of all this celebration, but only if?

For the groom
She is the sweetest of girls, the glitter on her face is the glitter of happiness. And he loves her, feels the light touch of his hand under the table, and all this fuss and bustle with a festive feast so distracts from communication with his beloved..

For parents
They rejoice in the happiness of their daughter and can not get enough of her beauty in this beautiful wedding dress. Parents never rush their daughters to get married, realizing that after the wedding, she will leave the parental home. Inwardly, owever, they had long been prepared for it. And there she sat, beautiful and lovely, wearing the most beautiful wedding dress they had ever seen at any other wedding. Continue reading

Themed wedding

What is a “themed wedding”? From Greek word “Theme” means “the, that been paved in the groundwork.”
And if you decide to hold an original wedding, the attitude to what is the basis should be serious.

A few tips from our company:
First, do not choose a theme simply because it seems fun or fashionable to you, but try to find a feature of your pair that can be emphasized. For example, after the release of the film “dudes” has become a very popular theme of stylish events, including weddings. Bright dresses, makeup and hairstyles set a cheerful tone of the holiday, look great in the photos, but.. but not so often reflect the characters of the newlyweds and their guests. We would advise a wedding “Dudes” for a very bright and mischievous couple, indifferent to music, dance and experiments. If the theme will choose a stylish couple modest, with not very active guests, such a themed wedding will fail. Continue reading

Preparing for the wedding: tips seasoned
About what is the preparation for the holiday everyone knows firsthand, but what is the preparation for such an event as a wedding? They say that moving is a natural…


White doves: symbol of love and happiness
Romantic newlyweds of European countries were the first to release snow-white doves from their hands. These birds have long been a symbol of harmony, loyalty and eternal love, so lovers…


Wedding customs. Part 1
All of us are connected by a set of unique traditions and customs and the wedding is no exception. Wedding ceremonies are performed all over the world, regardless of religion…


Children at the wedding
After receiving an invitation to the wedding, parents with young children should think about whether to take them to the festive event. Of course, if the child is a close…